Primavera Presents:
Excelling in the Business of Value-Based Care



– Are you looking to learn more about how to adopt and embrace Value-Based Care?

 – Is your organization lacking a Value-Based Care strategy and implementation?

 – Are you hoping to improve patient care while reducing cost but don’t know where to start?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, this webinar is for you.


Join us to learn great insights and solutions on how you can not only engage in Value-Based care but benefit with the help of our expert advisors:

  • Value-Based Care fundamentals – what it might mean to different people at a practice
  • Important key drivers necessary in VBC that help align, patients, payers and providers in a value-based structure
  • Risk payer settings and how to best position your practice in an advanced payment model
  • How important technology and administrative infrastructure is in setting your practice up for success
  • I think VBC is right for me – What steps can/should I take?

Please join us and register here:

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