Integrated Healthcare

Software Suite

Primavera is an integrated healthcare software suite created to simplify data into actionable intelligence improving patient outcomes and overall practice performance.

The Primavera team, over the last two decades creating, developing, and managing complex IT architecture and relationship database systems, honed their skills constructing innovative tools to empower users for the best outcomes.

Recently, in the last few years, the team turned its creative focus to find a healthcare solution for the all-too-common information gap. Together, the team consisting of technologists, practitioners and healthcare business executives, created a revolutionary healthcare operating system, called Primavera, to transform the patient-doctor-payor relationship across the care continuum.

This information-rich environment creates efficiencies and transparency to align goals and create better healthcare and financial outcomes. Simply put, Primavera has the clinical and financial tools to run your practice at peak performance.



Create intuitive healthcare technology to maximize the benefits for healthcare providers, care managers, caregivers, and, ultimately, the patients.


Core values

Actionable Intelligence

Removing barriers to communication; therefore, providing the highest quality data to identify areas of need and to be able to act proactively and quickly.

Ease of Use

Present information intuitively, removing the noise, and providing an effortless user experience giving healthcare providers peace-of-mind.


Utilizing visibility and a health-centric approach to improve practice performance and growth.

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