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The Intuitive Full Care Continuum

The Full Care Continuum is a patient’s journey from preventive care, to hospital, to rehabilitation, to maintenance through general medicine or primary care. While it would make for a more simplistic system, not every patient will follow these movements in the same order. Through intuitive case management, practitioners and case workers can not only keep

Improving the Life of Nurses with Real-Time Tech

The amplified burden placed on nurses lately may have been spurred by the Pandemic but the resulting trends are likely here to stay. That means more work for nurses in the coming years to onboard new practices and systems and apply them in preparation to move forward into a new phase of healthcare where tech

Best Practices to Create an Outstanding Digital Patient Experience

Re-imagining the patient experience is at the core of Telehealth. For a platform based on the ease of communication, there have never been more options to connect, communicate, and track the progress of your patients. But telehealth platforms are more than just two-way radios with a built-in calendar and a touch screen.  Best Practices for

Changing from Fee-For-Service Model to the Full Risk Model

The change from fee-for-service to the full risk model can seem daunting. Afterall, it is quite different in many ways. There is peace-of-mind in the fact that many organizations have done this previously and with great success.  Outside of the change in the medical organization itself, there have been efforts for many years to modernize

Building a Patient Engagement Strategy with Telehealth

“Can you hear me now?” It’s a recognizable catch phrase of our times, an indicator that technology has developed to reach even the furthest corners of rural communities. What we don’t have is a catchphrase response. The advantage of a healthcare tech platform is connecting practitioners, providers, and resources directly to patients as easily as

Guide to Using PPE Essentials and How Tech Can Help

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is an acronym we’ve seen everywhere lately from news headlines to supply order forms. Like with any other aspect of the healthcare world, PPE essentials are an element of daily practice with a trickle-down effect from administration to patients.  Supplying proper PPE requires funding, organization, and education. That’s a lot of

Healthcare Software Company Announces Data Mappings of Major Florida Insurers

Access to real-time insurance data and analytics across provider teams, allows for early interventions for both better health outcomes and cost savings. Primavera, based in South Florida, has changed the way patient care and practices are managed by providing the tools medical professionals have requested for decades. Primavera’s full suite of tools provide the information

Influence of Data Analytics on Healthcare

As the digital information landscape becomes more and more widespread, and technologies become more integrated with innovative software, the opportunities for advancements in the way we interact with our healthcare needs become almost limitless. Today we explore the influence of data analytics on our healthcare system. Our personal devices can now be synced with our

Population Health – Loneliness for Seniors 

Social health is important as mood plays a big part in motivation and personal care. During an international time of self-isolation and strict social parameters, how do you stay alert, engaged, and in good spirits? Additionally, how do you give back to those in need, supporting others, and ensuring a better overall population health?  Health

Reducing Risk in Healthcare with Data Analytics

The demands on the healthcare industry are growing; hospitals and practices are tasked with innovating new ways, not only to organize and communicate, but to increase positive patient care outcomes. In our modern world, the answer is simple; don’t just treat the patient in the moment – plan for every aspect of their care journey

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