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Population Health – Loneliness for Seniors 

Social health is important as mood plays a big part in motivation and personal care. During an international time of self-isolation and strict social parameters, how do you stay alert, engaged, and in good spirits? Additionally, how do you give back to those in need, supporting others, and ensuring a better overall population health?  Health

Reducing Risk in Healthcare with Data Analytics

The demands on the healthcare industry are growing; hospitals and practices are tasked with innovating new ways, not only to organize and communicate, but to increase positive patient care outcomes. In our modern world, the answer is simple; don’t just treat the patient in the moment – plan for every aspect of their care journey

Primavera Gives Back

As a team, we spend a lot of time with technology. But that’s not all we do. You might be surprised to find out that, daily, we speak to our customers and listen for ways we can improve our service and their user experience.  We understand the impact and importance of our healthcare technology. Primavera

Case Management and Telehealth – Easier Together

Case management has always been a collaborative integration of patient care services; care coordination, facilitation, and advocacy.  At its core, case management is communication based – relying on the awareness and information exchange between practitioners, patients, and other providers. In our modern world, the added layer of apps and endless pathways of connection are influencing

The Influence of COVID-19 on Telemedicine

Many industries have scrambled to become remotely accessible since Covid-19 entered the picture and demanded a renewed push to integrate technology into our daily routines in new ways. This is not just for our social and work lives, but for our healthcare.  So what does post Covid-19 Telemedicine look like? Is it practical? And does

A Frictionless Telehealth Solution for All

Telehealth is a digital healthcare service which provides remote access to care. It has gained widespread popularity during COVID-19 as it supplements medical visits for vulnerable, aging and disadvantaged populations. The rise in this technology is a global industry trend with the potential to become permanent. Benefits of Telehealth For many years, patients have demanded

Healthcare Software Company Announces Telehealth Platform Designed For Non-Tech Savvy Users

August 3, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Healthcare Software Company Announces Telehealth Platform Designed For Non-Tech Savvy Users Developed for medical use and for the non-technical user there is NO APP download needed for patients. Patient-Doctor communication is now “easier together” with Primavera. South Florida-based healthcare software company, Primavera, launches the latest in telehealth, a platform

Primavera NLS

Primavera adheres to best practices for HIPAA compliance. We take security a step further to deter and prevent any cyber intrusion and protect…

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