Primavera Gives Back

As a team, we spend a lot of time with technology. But that’s not all we do. You might be surprised to find out that, daily, we speak to our customers and listen for ways we can improve our service and their user experience.  We understand the impact and importance of our healthcare technology. Primavera is more than just telehealth, priority alerts and data analysis. Primavera gives back. 

Our team is passionate about giving back to those in need in our communities. This has been a driving force behind our work from day one. We understand the big picture and are proud of the work our team and our customers do each day. 

Many of our customers provide the very best in healthcare services to those in great need at healthcare offices like Managed Care Service organizations (MSOs), Non-Profit clinics, and Primary Care Physicians. From Cardiologists to Mental Health professionals to Allergists and everyone in between, the Primavera team is inspired to use their technical expertise to give back through these highly-skilled medical professionals. 

How it works: Primavera Gives Back

As a token of gratitude to those who have helped to lift all of us in our own times of need, we would also like to announce our plans going forward. Primavera gives back: we will donate the first month subscription payment from each of our new customers to the charity of their choice. If the customer does not have a chosen charity, we will donate to a charity close to our hearts, the Jorge Nation Foundation. Jorge Nation is a South Florida charity that provides children stricken with serious or terminal illnesses with a once-in-a-lifetime, all-inclusive, dream trip. Find out more here

What is Primavera? 

Primavera offers a full healthcare software suite of intuitive applications including Connect Telehealth, Population Data Analytics, Case Management, and a Complete Member Record to optimize your medical or dental practice. We understand that putting positive health outcomes and ease-of-use as our focus, we can provide the best healthcare solution for our customers. This healthcare software suite simplifies workflows, provides actionable data and improves communication among providers, patients, and payors. We love to hear from our customers who actually enjoy using the technology. 

“As a free clinic we were in real need of setting up a telehealth platform during the COVID-19 pandemic so that our healthcare team could continue providing care to our patients. Primavera has proven to be very user friendly for both the patient and the provider and has met our needs for continued interactions when in-person appointments are not possible.” Executive Director, St. John Bosco Clinic, Miami

With Primavera, it’s easier together. Reach out today to schedule your demo. Be sure to have a charity in mind when you pick a time.

Rolian RuizPrimavera Gives Back