Take Full Advantage of the Industries Shift to Value-Based Care

Rapid changes in healthcare are emphasizing the need for you and your healthcare organization to lean into value-based care and we are here to help. Primavera advisors speak with organizations and providers that are either already in the value-based care setting and want to ensure they are successful or want to start value-based care but don’t know the next steps to take. Read below to learn more about the variety of ways we can help you embrace the industry’s shift to value-based care.

How Primavera Partners with You

1. Value-Based Care Starter

The shift to Value-Based Care is often viewed as a challenge for organizations to provide better quality and affordable care. Primavera’s Risk and Value-Based Care advisors work with you to face the challenge and equip you with the expertise and data insights to be successful in starting a new risk agreement. When you choose Primavera, you choose a team that holds extensive experience in helping you understand the payor options, hold the conversations with payors themselves and ensure risk agreements are mutually beneficial. 

2. Ensure You Are Taking Advantage of Current Risk Agreement(s)

Although a healthcare organization may already be involved in value-based care, oftentimes they don’t fully understand if they are taking financial advantage or the exact terms. We work with you to change that, providing you with the guidance to ensure you are taking financial advantage fully. 

3. Transitioning from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care 

Struggling to switch from a fee-to-service to value-based care model? You’re not alone! We empower you to diversify your revenue into capitation and create a fixed monthly income that is simply not possible with fee-for-service. Partnering with you to determine the most beneficial value-based care form to pursue with including: 

  • Shared Risk
  • Shared Savings
  • Bundled
  • Or Global Capitation

4. Develop Strategies to Hit Goals

When you choose our experts, they work with you to determine the right strategies to meet your goals for MRA, MLR, Membership, Patient Risk, Operational, Financial and Care Gap Goals. We partner together to make your organization’s goals a reality.

5. Professionalize Your Business for Selling or Retiring 

If you are considering selling your practice or retiring, determine the next steps to ensure the ultimate valuation during point of sale is very important. 

We work with you to strategize and determine:

  • Correct Practice Valuation
  • Prepping Your Practice For Sale
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Practice Transfer Process

6. Improve Healthcare Results

  • Revenue
  • Cutting Cost
  • Volume/Membership
  • Revenue Cycle 

7. Data Insights to Make Decisions 

Primavera Health is proud to have the technology that allows you to run your practice proactively versus reactively. Our Advisory services and Analytics technology that empowers you to:

  • Track monthly top utilizers and readmission rate of your patient population
  • View care gaps as they occur, giving your team the tools to instantly resolve this gap
  • Custom risk stratification to identify your high risk patients instantly
  • Make proactive decisions backed by data 

Your Partner in Value-Based Care 

Transitioning to value-based care can be challenging; requiring resources, time, a priority shift, and evaluation but with a Primavera – it’s easier together. Let us map out the plan and tools you will need to be successful. 

Our solutions enable you to improve the quality of care and enhance the patient experience while helping you take control of your financial future. Reach out to us today or schedule your free consultation to learn how we directly support you in value-based care, creating a customized and sustainable strategy for your healthcare organization.


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Rolian RuizTake Full Advantage of the Industries Shift to Value-Based Care