A Frictionless Telehealth Solution for All

Telehealth is a digital healthcare service which provides remote access to care. It has gained widespread popularity during COVID-19 as it supplements medical visits for vulnerable, aging and disadvantaged populations. The rise in this technology is a global industry trend with the potential to become permanent.

Benefits of Telehealth

For many years, patients have demanded this kind of access to their physicians. Some people cannot make it to doctor’s appointments due to transportation issues and work conflicts, while others see these visits as inconvenient, expensive and time-consuming. The benefits of telehealth are clear: it saves time and money, decreases the chances of getting sick, eliminates the need to take off work, improves engagement and is easily accessible. 

Despite the benefits, certain demographics are less inclined to adopt telehealth than others. Seniors, for example, are the least likely to use it even though they are the most at risk.

The following are statistics from the Better Medicare Alliance survey conducted in May 2020: 

  • 24% of seniors used telehealth during the pandemic
  • Only 52% said they’d be comfortable using this service
  • 30% said they’d be uncomfortable
  • 18% were undecided

The majority of the older generation is hesitant to try telehealth because they are intimidated by the learning curve. While 65 year olds may have a slight upper hand, those in their 70s and 80s are often not tech savvy. They are already in an unfavorable position due to the pandemic, so the added stress of new technology makes their situation even more frustrating. 

A clunky telehealth system interferes with the positive relationship between physician and patient, which relies on good communication. Telehealth systems that are not user friendly have created more barriers to care and frustrated patients. In the digital world, people don’t like extra steps. Another app to download, page to navigate or form to fill out could be the difference between getting care and giving up. 

Frictionless Telehealth

Primavera created a frictionless telehealth solution designed to solve these problems. With this platform, patients and physicians enjoy an intuitive, user friendly experience. Seniors are empowered to take control of their own healthcare. Those who cannot drive, don’t own a car or have to work around their caregiver’s schedule have instant access to care. They gain peace of mind with the ability to communicate with their physician immediately rather than having to wait. All patients on the call can hop on without ever needing to download an app.

Primavera Connect Telehealth makes life easier for physicians and simplifies their work. The telehealth platform keeps all data under one roof so doctors don’t have to toggle between systems with no functionality. Telehealth works seamlessly with Case Management and Data Analytics, and physicians can easily loop in colleagues, specialists, translators and caregivers. This provides a way to communicate with caregivers when they are outside of the home, and streamlines collaboration for physicians who need to consult other doctors about care plans. Additionally, safety and security is not an issue with NLS (Next Level Security).

Connect Telehealth Features

The full list of Connect Telehealth features and benefits is extensive, and includes:

  • No app download required by patients
  • High Resolution Video
  • Send invites to session via SMS
  • Built-in Scheduler for Providers
  • Intuitive Dashboard with Usage Analytics
  • Available in Multiple Languages
  • Seamless Integration with the entire software suite
  • Add Multiple Participants to a session including a caregiver or colleague
  • Manage your patient population by program priority or diagnosis
  • Remote Monitoring Option for Devices
  • Audit Trails for Transparency
  • SSL Encrypted Connections
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Get up and running in minutes!

Primavera takes the challenges of traditional telehealth and turns them upside down to meet the most basic patient and physician needs. When it comes to industry trends in telehealth, the most important factors are cost-efficiency and a user friendly platform. 

Have you struggled with the expense of either developing or implementing a telehealth platform before? We know cost is a salient consideration, which is why Connect Telehealth was designed to be affordable for all. You gain peace of mind knowing it’s affordable for your business, and can assure patients that it’s more than manageable for them as well. For those patients who are still hesitant to give a new technology a try, start the conversation and highlight the benefits. Appointments scheduled via Connect Telehealth give the freedom, autonomy and accessibility you deserve.

Primavera’s platform is user friendly and accessible to everyone. It enables healthcare providers to deliver quality virtual care when in-person visits are not possible or not advisable. Because the system is incredibly intuitive, there is very little training or onboarding required. Communicating with your patients has never been easier. You can call us and be up and running the same day! 

Join us in transforming the office visit. Reach out to one of our healthcare experts and get a demo today. With Primavera, telehealth is easier together.

Rolian RuizA Frictionless Telehealth Solution for All