Healthcare Software Company Announces Telehealth Platform Designed For Non-Tech Savvy Users

August 3, 2020


Healthcare Software Company Announces Telehealth Platform Designed For Non-Tech Savvy Users

Developed for medical use and for the non-technical user there is NO APP download needed for patients. Patient-Doctor communication is now “easier together” with Primavera.


South Florida-based healthcare software company, Primavera, launches the latest in telehealth, a platform made specifically for medical use that does not require an app to function. During the pandemic, physicians found the need to communicate, now more than ever, with their most high risk and fragile patients. Typically these patients were either senior, dependent on others, or did not have access to technology. Frustrations with other telehealth platforms lie with the use of multiple systems, downloading apps and the requirements for each step. The process can be arduous for those who are not tech savvy. This stress takes away from the appointment itself and, in some cases, the technical barriers make the appointment inaccessible.


Tired of using third-party video conferencing tools made for the board room, the Primavera team created Connect Telehealth specifically for the medical community with a focus on ease-of-use – made for the 65 and older age groups. It is the first frictionless telehealth platform created. It features high resolution video, options for both voice and video, invitations to sessions sent through SMS, available in multiple languages, built-in scheduler, intuitive dashboard with analytics, seamless integration, ability to add multiple participants including caregivers or colleagues, remote monitoring option for devices, and audit trails for administrators. To address safety concerns, the Primavera platform adheres to best practices for HIPAA compliance. To take security a step further, deter and prevent cyber intrusion, and protect data, there are strict internal procedures for access control to patient data. This is the Primavera NLS, Next Level Security. 

Primavera’s COO, Rolian Ruiz , said about the Connect Telehealth announcement, “Telehealth is a fantastic way for doctors and patients to connect. Unfortunately, the patients that needed it the most did not have a realistic mechanism to connect. We felt the absolute need to create a system that works for everyone – the seniors, the low income, and those with inherent issues accessing care. Our company’s solutions were already geared to managing this population and this was a natural extension. Working together with the providers, we are able to make their work easier and more productive.” Connect Telehealth technology is a part of a total healthcare software suite where managing your practice is now “easier together” with Primavera. It also includes data analytics, case management, complete member records, administration and scheduling. Each part was developed by actual users in need of simple and streamlined software. Healthcare practices utilizing the Primavera platform are showing better retention and better results. Primavera was developed for MSOs and Primary Care Physicians and then expanded to a wide range of specialties including Cardiologists, Dentists, Endocrinologists, etc. to manage their patient population and multiple payers like Medicare, BCBS, Humana, and other regional health insurance payers. 


About: Primavera is an integrated healthcare software suite created to simplify data into actionable intelligence improving patient outcomes and overall practice performance. The Primavera team, over the last two decades creating, developing, and managing complex IT architecture and relationship database systems, honed their skills constructing innovative tools to empower users for the best outcomes. 

Recently, in the last few years, the team turned its creative focus to find a healthcare solution for the all-too-common information gap. Together, the team consisting of technologists, practitioners and healthcare business executives, created a revolutionary healthcare operating system, called Primavera, to transform the patient-doctor-payor relationship across the care continuum. 

This information-rich environment creates efficiencies and transparency to align goals and create better healthcare and financial outcomes. Simply put, Primavera has the clinical and financial tools to run your practice at peak performance.  

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Rolian RuizHealthcare Software Company Announces Telehealth Platform Designed For Non-Tech Savvy Users