Expanding Your Services Through Telehealth

Integrating telehealth software may not be your first idea when it comes to expanding your services but healthcare software is built to simplify complex data and convert it into action that improves patient outcomes and helps you build your practice.

Sustainable scalability is at the core of every enterprise and there are a few key elements that must exist in any venture. Expanding your services with the ease and benefits of telehealth also means bolstering your infrastructure and knowing your patients.

Here’s our best advice.

Create a Platform Specific to Your Health Community

According to the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), health centers serve 1 in 6 Americans living in rural communities…and nearly half of those institutions (46%) use telehealth to expand their care.

Since its beginnings at NASA in the late 1960’s, telehealth has bridged a gap between healthcare and accessibility for patients in remote locations. Over time it has been used to develop programs and funnel resources to patients with limited mobility, resources, and knowledge about the care options available to them.

Telehealth can facilitate everything from psychiatry to dermatology to specialized care for at-risk populations. The path to expanding your services through telehealth lies in understanding the level of access available within your geographic area. Which modalities need increased accessibility?

Assess & Improve Your Service Availability

A backend benefit to implementing telehealth is that it gives you a data bank to analyze, and informs on your patients demographics, concerns, success, and level of interaction. Demographic and accessibility data provides a foundation for effectively employing the services of transportation vendors and other third-party assets that can help grow your care platform both geographically and with additional modalities.

Patient data also works to evaluate risk and prioritize care to those who need it most critically. Data automation is a powerful asset when it comes to both the efficiency of your practice and the success of your care programs but in order for it to work, it has to be used consistently.

Keep it Simple

Here’s the equation:

Ease of Use + Consistent Use = Data

For a telehealth program to be successful it needs to be easy for your patients to use – just a click of a button – simple. To grow your services through telehealth you need the platform to be used consistently and that means integrating communication, reminders, and alerts for your patients throughout their care journey. 

This also applies to your internal practice and care teams. We break it down into three steps:


Assess the needs of your practice with Primavera experts to develop a smart plan for integrating with a telehealth platform. Discuss streamlining your software and healthcare solutions, and plan for a successful implementation.


As you collect data, discover the benefits of real-time data analysis in terms of risk-assessment, patient communication, and simplified communication between patients, practitioners, and vendors. Telehealth should be a practical tool for your team that makes providing care a positive experience and not labor.


Benefit from our mission; Easier Together. Primavera was developed by working practitioners to be a tool for simplification. The results are an easy to use interface with a robust backend that can handle complex functionality while helping you analyze your practice for sustainable growth. 

Establish Roles and Responsibilities

We’ve talked a lot about data and scalability, but what about organization? A big aspect of healthy growth lies in defining and managing the roles and responsibilities of your team and contractors. 

Aside from managing the schedule for each patient’s care journey, telehealth provides the means for assigning casework, follow-ups, internal tasks, and creates channels for tracking the more bureaucratic processes that go into a successful healthcare business. To improve both your patient care and the success of your business, reach out now and schedule a demo

Customize Your Care Continuum

One of the greatest advantages to telehealth is that it supports individual care plans through easily managed scheduling, support for multiple modalities with a variety of practitioners, payment and insurance support, and more. 

In keeping with its theme of customization for patients, quality telehealth platforms can be tailor-made to meet the needs of practices and healthcare institutions like case management, easy note taking and organization, secure record sharing (HIPPA compliant), video communication, etc.

Different providers have different needs. The needs of a non-profit will differ from the needs of a small practice, or a larger hospital. Growing the services offered and supported through telehealth means that telehealth needs to be easily adopted by the full spectrum of care centers, but also able to act as a bridge between practices to create a successful care network that can expand with stability. 

The best way to start is with a consultation. Meet with one of our Primavera experts to discuss how our solution can meet your specific requirements and help you grow. Schedule your time to demo today and start streamlining for growth.  

Adrian EsquivelExpanding Your Services Through Telehealth