Teams & Tech: A Smart Healthcare Solution

Medical Teams have been in a love/hate relationship with their technology applications for decades. Constantly asking if new technical solutions will help them grow, see more patients and provide better care. We’ve asked this question too. In fact, Primavera was built by industry professionals with that very question in mind.

Whether tech can help provide better care is not the only question on the provider’s minds. In an industry that is constantly expanding care curriculums, and redefining health – what are the most important tech features?


An all-in-one platform means a centralized solution. A hub that manages everything from organizing patient records to analyzing data, to securing your information. Gone are the days when you need to rely on multiple legacy software programs to handle your data entry and streamline your infrastructure. 

There are three main targets for an all-in-one solution:


“Analytics” has become a buzzword and for good reason. Every business wants to see an analysis of their key metrics and data points and activate solutions. Why? Because analysis shows trends, helps you prioritize decisions, and casts a spotlight on any weaknesses that you can strengthen.

In telehealth, analytics bring an understanding to cost projections, current spending, care populations, and care continuums by using real-time data to highlight metrics like:

  • Medical loss ratio (MLR)
  • Market research analysis
  • Medical claims
  • Capitation

Once your data points are generated, analytics helps you auto sort, compare, review, and convey information through accurate reporting by patient, payor, location or provider -making it easy to drill down into individual facets of your business to uncover gaps or red flags that may be hindering you.

Case Management

As with analytics, case management benefits from the real-time touch a health tech solution can provide. Get live feeds from hospitals and use the platforms organizational system to recall, manage, and track patients with the enhancement of real-time updates that:

  • Inform tasks
  • Trigger notifications and alerts

The goal is to make it easy for you to preempt unnecessary costs and proactively provide care.

Member Records

When it comes to storing and utilizing records, nothing is more important than security. Multiple access points means multiple devices; desktops, laptops, personal computers, and phones for multiple users. A centralized platform solution provides the security you need through user permission management, 2-factor authentication, and standard industry compliances.

In terms of record intake, features like dictation make for a hands free experience that expedites your paperwork as it allows you to build rapport and give more focus to your patients. It’s also easy to enact surveys and other data collection tools to evaluate your care approach and target improvements. 

Your member records should fuel a 360º vision of your patients, a holistic view that is also easy to navigate. We like to say “focus on the solution, not the search”.


Improved communication between care teams is just the first benefit of any easy to use telehealth platform. Live updates, customizable settings, team management, and seamless integrations check all of your communication boxes. Bonus, the platform also facilitates communications with patients, and vendors (like transportation providers) to fully sync your care provisions.

Ease-of-use also means ease of training – no complicated manuals are required to teach onboarding employees how to interact with a platform that has a clear, intuitive user interface and can be accessed with the touch of a button. 

This goes for your patients too – your practitioners, case workers, and general staff will all need to use the app – but so will those you care for. For patient populations who live remotely or have mobility issues – or who just aren’t that tech savvy – a one touch solution increases accessibility.

Actionable Intelligence

Here’s another area where ease-of-use plays a role. Actionable intelligence rings back to data analytics, and while smart data and data implementation are definitely a part of actionable intelligence, this is also about presenting those data sets in a user-friendly way.

By removing irrelevant data and prioritizing action items, you automatically provide better care. Risk assessment and real-time updates are a huge benefit to any healthcare team but only if the updates are easy to access, and the prioritization is easy to validate and understand.

Actionable data is applicable data, and that’s what makes it intelligent. Data you can actually use and understand vs a mass collection of data that spits out complicated charts and graphs. All data has its place, but the data on your healthcare software- the data you need to provide quality healthcare – should be simply useful.


Primavera’s Core Values are Actionable Intelligence, Ease-of-use and Performance. Our healthcare software solution including telehealth is centered around real-world applications in the healthcare sector. 

Our tried and tested features are designed to amplify usability and prioritize risk. 

Schedule a demo today and see what a health tech solution can do for you.

Rolian RuizTeams & Tech: A Smart Healthcare Solution