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Using Tech to Transform Healthcare Management

Using Tech to Transform Healthcare Management

Better. Faster. Stronger. Perhaps chasing after the dream of The Six Million Dollar Man, technology has helped transform healthcare over the years with innovations from the iron lung to robotic surgeries but it has gone beyond the advancement of medicine and extended into the wider world of healthcare. Using Technology to Communicate We’ll kick this

Technology Impacted Healthcare

How Technology has Impacted Healthcare

From 3D printing bones to mass producing medicine, nothing has fueled the progress of healthcare more than the innovations of technology. As with all major advances from the wheel to electricity, technology has become interwoven in the infinite facets of our lives.  We can learn a lot about where we’re headed from where we’ve been.

Patient Case Management Tech

Better Patient Case Management with Tech

Providing excellent healthcare is the reason case management is necessary. Case management is the nuts and bolts of any practice, and creates a network you can rely on when developing action plans, and flagging priority cases.  For clinicians, having an established workflow is mission-critical as your workflow directs where you invest your time, and dictates

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